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Left 4 Dead 2's latest mutation is nothing but swords


The official Left 4 Dead 2 blog has posted the latest mutation to Valve's great zombie apocalypse simulation and it's ... swords. All swords, all the time. Hacking, slashing, slicing, dicing, piercing, thrusting -- you name it, you'll be doing it against the undead horde.

The post also has the results of the poll about players' favorite level finale, and Dark Carnival's Midnight Riders concert takes the win on Xbox 360, with The Parish's bridge traversal tying it for PC players. The worst? Unanimously, Hard Rain's boat wait is the pick (and we'd have to agree). Finally, the blog teases next week's mutation with the words "Hard Eight." That could only mean one thing: Get ready to star in an underrated Paul Thomas Anderson movie!

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