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Lucha Libre delayed, new release date pinned down in October


Originally set for release on August 9, Slang's Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes of the Ring has been delayed until October 12, 2010 on PS3, Xbox, Wii and DSiWare, with the PSP version launching at an unspecified later date. While additional development time was cited as one reason for the delay, the announcement primarily frames the release bump as a marketing strategy.

"Based on the positive feedback we received at the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo we decided to push the launch of Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring closer to the upcoming holiday shopping season," Slang president Abraham Batista said. "The additional time provides us with several key benefits, including the ability to market to a larger audience, build greater street buzz with consumers and continue the development cycle."

Of course, given the October release date, we believe the "holiday shopping season" to which Batista refers is Halloween. What better time for a game about masked men?

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