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CryEngine 3 licensed for XBLA, PSN version of arena FPS Nexuiz


Going from a free, community-driven environment to the closed storefronts on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network calls for some added incentive. Developer IllFonic claims its console version of Nexuiz, which began as an open-source shooter for Windows, Linux and OSX, will be the first downloadable title developed with CryEngine 3. That's quite an upgrade over the Quake 1 engine that once powered the arena-based first-person shooter.

Looking to reap the benefits from Crytek's support and technology -- not to mention Quake Arena Arcade's continued absence -- Illfonic plans to launch Nexuiz simultaneously on PSN and XBLA this winter. According to lead designer Kedhrin Gonzalez, maintaining the collaborative, malleable nature of the original will "definitely" be a goal. "Nexuiz was built by a community and we're bringing that vision to consoles," he said. "But we had to change some things in order to make it more accessible to console players."

Initially, that audience will find some standard multiplayer offerings like Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, wrapped in a fast-paced fragfest not unlike Unreal Tournament III (which supported basic modding on PlayStation 3). We should be able to see how community-created content takes shape when the game is showcased at this year's Penny Arcade Expo, which will take place in Seattle from September 3 until September 5.

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