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TERA's Brian Knox dismisses console plans

Jef Reahard

There's been no shortage of TERA news since the game turned a lot of heads at this year's E3, and the latest comes to us courtesy of Caelixian and the TERAcast podcast. Episode number ten features discussion of En Masse Entertainment's showing at last month's trade event, and concludes with an interview with TERA senior producer Brian Knox. Knox talks about everything from the challenges inherent in Westernization, to international communication, to the possibility of TERA appearing on consoles.

"[We have] a singular focus that allows us to be concentrated on one product, one release. A lot of people ask "it's such an action game, have you thought about the console"... for us we want to have that single focus, we want to make an action MMO on the PC and we don't want to stray too many different ways because that's when you get caught up and everything gets half done instead of one thing being done really well," Knox says.

Download the tenth episode of TERAcast to hear the full interview.

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