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Universal USB controlled 'Power USB' strip turns on when your PC says it can

Darren Murph

Needlessly annoyed by how much energy is being wasted in your home thanks to vampire draw? Regrettably, it looks as if you'll have to just tough it out for the remainder of summer (or winter, depending on hemisphere), as the device you're peering at above won't be on sale until August. The USB controlled "Power USB" power strip is a rather unique device, housing a grand total of four universal power sockets (hello, travelers!) and a single USB port; as you may expect, the USB port links the strip to your computer, giving it the power to turn a given socket on or off. Two of the plugs are actually on at all times (a good thing -- trust us), while the other two can be turned on automatically when triggered by a software program or a print job, for example. There's no mention of a price just yet, but even more alarming is the omission of a 12 socket version for the hardcore users among us.

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