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Hulu Plus preview now available to 'select' PlayStation Plus subscribers


PlayStation Plus Hulu = A console Hulu Plus preview, which will become available to "select" subscribers of Sony's PlayStation Plus program. Posting on the official PlayStation blog, PSN senior director Susan Panico has explained that all Sony subscribers may download the Hulu Plus software as of today and "request an invitation to the exclusive preview." If you're already a member of Hulu Plus (you can request an invitation to subscribe online), you'll be able to access the preview today through your PlayStation Plus account.

Hulu's enhanced streaming service, which provides access to TV shows from ABC, FOX, NBC, ETC, will incur a monthly fee of $9.99 -- even to PlayStation Plus subscribers participating in the sneak peek. It'll become available (and effectively cheaper) to all PS3 owners "in the coming months," Panico said (so much for that "July" launch, huh?). An Xbox 360 version is slated for launch in early 2011.

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