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Software to be unpatentable in New Zealand, Peter Jackson said to have some opinion on that

Laura June

Oh, New Zealand, you country full of crazy cats. When will your zany ways end? Looks like the government of the country which produced Peter Jackson, famed director of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy will finalize a move to make software unpatentable via a Bill which would make that the law of the land (software patents do not exist in Europe, either). The basic argument here is that patent trolls -- and to some extent, patents in general -- stifle innovation and make it nearly impossible for software developers in the NZ to get their groove on. New Zealand's two largest software manufacturers, Jade and Orion, both support the banishment of such patents, so it'll be interesting to see just how awesomely creative future software developments from the country become. Either way, we doubt Jaron Lanier will ever be moving there.

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