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Players get to start placing objects in WWII Online: Battlefield Europe

Eliot Lefebvre

WWII Online: Battlefield Europe is getting a bit long in the tooth, but that certainly hasn't meant development has ceased on the game. Quite the opposite, in fact -- the old-school MMOFPS has recently rolled out a massive patch aimed at a system-wide overhaul, one that we had a chance to talk with the development team about, and they're going even further with new additions via player-placed objects. Referred to as PPOs for short, the objects will allow characters to start altering the landscape they're fighting in via new temporary structures.

It started with the addition of a Field Reinforcement Unit -- essentially a stationary version of the game's trucks, useful for reinforcements and freeing up the actual trucks for other tasks. With all the coding that went into making that function, it was a short step to making PPOs that allow infantry to reinforce their position via cover and temporary shielding. The full rundown of the feature, including a loose idea of what benefits will be provided (albeit without hard numbers) can be found here, which should provide many happy dreams for players of WWII Online: Battlefield Europe.

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