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Aptera co-founder expands Epic Boats beyond boats, spurs hiring spree


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It certainly looks like Aptera co-founder is Chris Anthony is intent on making a name for himself with his own company, Epic Boats, which has recently be renamed Epic Electric Vehicles to better suit its more ambitious goals. That now includes the announcement of two new land vehicles: the fairly standard looking Epic Amp all terrain vehicle, and the three-wheeled Epic Torque (pictured above), which will reportedly cost around $22,000 and $35,000, respectively, and are both set to go into production this fall at Louisiana-based Caddo Manufacturing. That expansion has also now prompted quite a hiring spree -- the company says it's bringing on 200 new employees immediately and will eventually hire nearly 500 altogether, and adds that the manufacturing should also create about 1,500 indirect job in the area.

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