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Get a beta key, be divine: We have Divine Souls keys for you! [Updated]


Do you miss the days of the fighting, combo-driven brawlers? Do you like pounding your hand on a keyboard/joystick, trying to rip off intense combos that make your friends jealous? Do you hope that one day, your combo-riffic skills could be seen by the world, so you could be hailed for your amazing finger dexterity?

Well, that day may have arrived with the coming of Divine Souls, Outspark's new action/MMO hybrid. Sure, you can team up with your friends to take on dungeons, a la Phantasy Star Online, but now you can do it by literally beating the hell out of everything that walks in front of you.

If you want more information, or a key to this new type of MMO, come and join us after the break!

NPCs: They hate it when you juggle them in corners too

Juggling. Aerial combos. Ruthless beatdowns. Swords that could draw a lawsuit from Ivy Valentine herself. All of these, and more, are in Divine Souls. And if it sounds like someone crossed a fighting game with an MMO, that's because it is.

You get to jump into the shoes of a ruthless fighter equipped with an iron fist, a powerful mage equipped with a heavy maul, or a slasher sporting a sword that can split apart into a giant chain of death. Each one uses the combo system differently, as the fighter can ruthlessly pummel single enemies, the slasher can take on a wide area of enemies, and the mage can just rain down death from afar.

Divine Souls also features the usual fare of MMO games, including quests, phat lewt, armor upgrades, and more. So think fighting game meets Diablo meets MMO. The game also features PvP, which becomes a little more interesting when you're able to block, grab, and juggle instead of just tab-target and detonate.

If this sounds like it's up your alley, then grab a key from us below and follow the instructions on our key redemption site! If you need a visual representation of the pain you'll introduce monsters to, then check out the trailer below!

[Update: Apparently, Outspark has decided to open the servers to everyone, regardless if you have a key or not. So go off and enjoy the game! Shoo, shoo! ~Sera]

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