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Stuart Black to leave Codemasters this October, Bodycount still on for early 2011


Black and Bodycount developer Stuart Black has announced intentions to vacate his current position at Codemasters this October, Eurogamer reports. "He's got all his design work to do but he's going to finish before he leaves the team to complete the game, which takes him through to October," Codemasters says. Apparently an "80-strong team" will remain working on Bodycount after Black's departure, seeing through the game to its planned "early 2011" release window.

Though Eurogamer claims Black's choice to leave is predicated on "post-E3 fallout," Codemasters has denied as much to Develop, saying, "It isn't really the case that Stuart has left from 'E3 fallout,' there's nothing like that going on. E3 coverage was actually very good." We've followed up with Black for clarification of his reasons for leaving, but for now, Codemasters assures us that "progress continues" on Bodycount.

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