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Those wacky Boinx guys release You Gotta See This! iPhone 4 app


Over the past few days Boinx, the German developers of Boinx TV and other exciting products, have been teasing everyone with word of a new iPhone 4 app. Well, in a highly-publicized live event this morning (evening in Deutschland), the company announced a new app, You Gotta See This! (US$1.99). It's the first iPhone app for the company, so they introduced it to the world with a lot of fanfare.

The app requires an iPhone 4. Why? Because it uses the internal gyroscope of the device to automatically take photos while you're moving the camera around you. It then assembles the photos into one of six collage themes in near real-time. You don't need to worry about aligning edges of photos; the app knows the orientation of the iPhone 4 during the moment when each photo is being captured, so it takes care of the alignment for you.

Boinx developers came up with the idea of You Gotta See This! after WWDC 2010, where they realized that regular panorama apps weren't interesting enough to really show someone else what you were looking at. I downloaded the app during the announcement and put it to use immediately taking the photo at the top of the post. Of course, it's just my overgrown back yard, but it's pretty cool for a first try.

This type of photography is called "panography," and the Boinx team found artistic inspiration in the work of David Hockney, an artist who worked with photocollages. Hockney is also known for his portraits painted with Brushes on iPhone and iPad.

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