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Pirates of the Burning Sea confirms expansion release date, extra features

Jef Reahard

Get ready to return to the high seas, as Flying Lab Software and Sony Online Entertainment have announced the official release date for Pirates of the Burning Sea's first expansion. Power and Prestige will sail on August 24th due to Flying Lab's desire to polish and perfect.

The expansion, which already features quite a list of game improvements, will also debut with a new career rewards exchange shop, a junk buyer exchange shop, and client-side preferences for auto-facing targets in avatar combat. When we add these to the previously announced port governance, skill revisions, career revamps, ship tweaks, avatar skill revamps, and hefty doses of new mission content, the result looks to be a premium expansion that will keep captains busy for quite some time.

You can view all the details via the official press release and expansion feature list.

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