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MAG update deploying in August, making Suppression mode 'Faction Neutral'

Zipper Interactive must have received some positive feedback from its recent decision to make MAG's Sabotage gametype "Faction Neutral," effectively letting any of the game's three armies attack and defend any map. The developer recently announced that v1.07 of the title will be launched in early August, giving a similar treatment to the game's deathmatch-esque Suppression mode.

The update will also fix a few exploitable areas on a pair of maps, will improve visuals with additional lighting effects and will incorporate a "Happy Hour," which will give players double XP for the first hour they play online every day. That last part actually sounds like a pretty clever idea -- though we wouldn't suggest enjoying MAG's "Happy Hour" while simultaneously enjoying your favorite watering hole's "Happy Hour." All those Bloody Marys and boneless buffalo wings can't be good for your wartime instincts.

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