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Monsoon Multimedia debuts Sling, ROKU competitor with some compelling features

Mel Martin

Today Monsoon Multimedia is announcing the Vulkano, a universal video platform that integrates DVR, Web video, streaming and time shifting of media from the home to a portable device, including the iPhone, iPad, and Macs or PCs. It also supports streaming to Android, Blackberry, Symbian and WM6 phones or devices.

Prices range from US $259 to $379 depending on the storage capacity customers desire. The $379 device stores 1 Terabyte. The company says it will introduce a 3G capable app for the iPhone next month.

Among the functions available are:

  • Triggering recording from a remote device
  • Playback of recordings on iPads, PCs and Macs in the home and remotely
  • Browsing of an electronic program guide for shows and episode information
  • Access photos, video and music on your home TV from UPnP supported devices
  • Connects to cable, DVD, satellite, DVR and Tivo
  • Streams using H.264 and MPEG-4 standards at rates as low as 150kpbs
  • Connects wirelessly to home router

Although not currently in the product software, the company says it will offer free upgrades that include Google TV, Yahoo!, Netflix, Hulu and other services in the 'near future.'

"We designed Vulkano from the ground up to replace single purpose solutions, such as TiVo, Roku, Slingbox, etc," said Steve Stone, CTO at Monsoon. "In the coming months we will be pushing new apps to Vulkano owners for free so they can rest assured that this is the first and last product they'll need for all their TV and Internet media needs."

We're going to get a review unit soon and can give you our own impressions. For a full description take a gander at the Vulkano website. Monsoon is taking pre-orders for an estimated August 10 shipping date. It will be interesting to watch the consumer reaction to this device. It is very Apple friendly and if it is easy to use and set up Monsoon will have a winner.

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