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Play Metal Gear Arcade for three days ... in Japan


Surely there are those within the Joystiq Biomass with the ability, locality or sheer resourcefulness to be in Japan from July 30 through August 1 to play test Metal Gear Arcade. This post is for you. Konami is staging location tests of the 3D, head-tracking, coin-operated Metal Gear Online adaptation at two gaming centers for those days only: Adores Shibuya (in, you guessed it, Shibuya) and Round One in Kahoku, Ishikawa Prefecture, about four hours west of Tokyo by train.

Those who make the trek (or are lucky enough to live nearby) will not only be rewarded with the opportunity to play the game and a newly implemented Mission Mode, but will receive 2,000 Reward Points that can be used towards unlocks in Metal Gear Online. All that and the chance to say you traveled 8,000-odd miles to play an arcade game. Yeah ... best to keep that accomplishment to yourself.

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