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Fantastical Fraulein Mumor returns for a third event in Final Fantasy XI

Eliot Lefebvre

Final Fantasy XI's upcoming summer event, another installment in that Fantastical Fraulein Mumor stage show and part of the overarching Sunbreeze Festival, probably isn't going to make much sense to people not familiar with the game. Veteran players, of course, are familiar with the magical warrior Mumor and her struggles against the joy-killing efforts of demon king Ullegore. They're also most likely aware of the conflict from the year before, in which she faced off against the Archfiend Uka and befriended her. And while non-players are now scratching their heads, players are either rolling their eyes or looking forward to this year's installment.

Whichever camp you belong to, the stage show (in which Mumor and Uka face off against the new dance trio known as "Cream Puff") and the other games of the summer event will be rolling around on August 1st. Lasting through the 17th, the event will most likely be similar to last year's festivities, offering a wide variety of mini-games, cosmetic rewards, and of course the dance battle between Final Fantasy XI's resident magical girl and her opponents. Read the full rundown for more of the backstory, and look forward to the event itself in just under a week.

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