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Uncharted 2 Update 1.09 live, so long super throw!


The latest muliplayer patch for Uncharted 2 has been rolling out worldwide over the last hour. Simply known as Title Update 1.09, the auto-update should resolve a number of issues -- including the dreaded "super throw" that allowed Plunder mode treasures to be tossed with superhuman vigor. On top of this, Naughty Dog has made some tweaks to the game's backend, allowing the developer to more easily alter cash amounts for individual playlists on the fly.

Speaking of cash, Naughty Dog is also mixing up the monetary rewards in matches. Cash for individual and kill-based medals in Objective modes will be decreased, while medals directly associated with objectives themselves will soon net you larger wads of cash. Here's how it'll break down:
  • Tip Off – $1,000
  • Captured – $4,000
  • That's Embarrassing – $10,000
  • Protectorate – $2,000
  • No Cigar – $2,000
  • Drop It – $1,000
  • None Shall Pass – $5,000
  • Expansionist – $5,000
Head past the break for the full update notes.

Naughty Dog's "Title Update 1.09" notes:

  • Changes made to multiplayer character skin system to allow for voices to be included with future skins
  • Made changes to character game mechanics to prevent players from using exploits
  • Fixed ability for players to "super throw" the treasure in Plunder matches
  • Cash awarded per kill in Elimination has been increased to $750 per kill
  • Enabled the ability for Naughty Dog to easily alter the amount of cash earned for individual Medals on a playlist or gametype basis and per-kill

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