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HAWX 2 recruits your friends for multiplayer dogfights


The competitive multiplayer of the first Tom Clancy's HAWX game was limited to a single deathmatch-type experience. In Tom Clancy's HAWX 2: HAWX HARDER, there will be a full-on multiplayer mode in addition to the four-player co-op capabilities of the campaign, survival, free-flight and arcade modes, providing players with the opportunity to play the Iceman to their friend's Maverick through local and online multiplayer.

Eurogamer has the goods on the new feature, which will see up to eight players take to the virtual skies for six different mission types in any of the game's 32 selectable planes -- play won't be limited to just your usual deathmatch variant this time around. Sadly, Ubisoft wasn't showing anything beyond team deathmatch, so there's little else to report. In the meanwhile, we suggest you gather some buds and kill time like real pilots.

HAWX 2 flies the unfriendly skies on September 7 in the US.

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