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Think City electric car gets bigger American batteries for bigger American roads

Tim Stevens

The electric Think City has been targeting an American release for well over two years now but, like many EVs, those dates just kept on 'a slipping. Now the cars are finally starting to hit the colonies and, as a reward for the wait, we're receiving models with more powerful batteries. The cells are supplied by Indiana-based Ener1, a new lithium-manganese pack that offers 25kWh. Those cells are said to double the car's previous expected range, up to 100 miles from 50, yet still recharge in a scant four hours -- if you're using a 240v plug. The folks at Green Car Advisor managed a maximum of 68mph in the two-seater and, driving in a decidedly non-eco-minded way, managed 43.5 miles with 38 percent left, giving an estimated 75 miles for those with leaden right foots. That, at least, is promising, and while a $28,000 MSRP is rather a bitter pill, it's a good bit cheaper (though smaller) than the Nissan Leaf. And don't forget that Uncle Sam would be happy to knock at least a few grand off of that price, too.

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