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Warhammer Online devs bare their souls in a recent public Q&A session


It's a rare treat when MMO developers take the time to sit down with fans and allow them to pose questions in a public setting, so it's great to see Warhammer Online's dev team doing just that. On July 30th, the devs opened the doors to BioWare Mythic's Ventrilo server for players to come in and submit one question to be answered, which resulted in dozens upon dozens of responses.

Burglir's Blog recorded the Q&A session, which was subsequently transcribed by Gaarawarr Gabs for all to enjoy. While some of the questions covered the same ground as the recent Producer's Letter (including a new 6v6 scenario and additional Live Events), most of them got into specific inquiries regarding classes, balancing and RvR. Some of the topics included magus/engineer pets, group heals, Linux support (spoiler: not going to happen), crowd control, cross-server scenarios, new races and something called "lolsquig speak."

One of the players even admitted to naughty exploiting when he asked about the Kraken Sea zone (of which he got a peek). Nate Levy shot back an interesting response: "The very, very short answer is we build out a lot more of the game than we ever end up using and sometimes there are things like that."

You can read the beefy transcript over at Gaarawarr Gabs.

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