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Get new Soundgarden album early with Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock [update]


Here's how out of touch we are with the music world: we get our music news from game industry announcements. We had no idea that Soundgarden was reuniting, nor that the group was releasing a retrospective album, Telephantasm, in October. Now you know about it too! Pretend you didn't already so we don't feel lame.

Here's what you may not have already heard: Activision is giving away the album with the first million North American copies of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. In fact, buying the game will allow you to get the CD a week before it's released elsewhere! Not only that, the album will be available as Guitar Hero DLC at launch.

Cool musical bonuses like this are likely to do much more to pique interest in the latest Guitar Hero game than, say, pig monsters.

Update: Turns out the DLC won't be free! Activision's Dan Amrich changed his announcement post to reflect this corrected information. There's no word on the actual price yet, except that it's not free.

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