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Why Jailbreak?

TJ Luoma, @tjluoma

I'm curious: why do people jailbreak?

Ever since the Library of Congress ruled in favor of jailbreaking although it may void your warranty and now there is a browser-based jailbreak, I've started to pay attention to jailbreaking, at least a little.

My friend Jeff Barszcz posted some of his reasons, and I found some of them really compelling.

The last time I really paid attention was before Apple opened the App Store, and I'm guessing a lot has changed since then.

Here is what I know about jailbreaking: 1) there's a program that lets you run any program in the background, 2) there's an app to turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot, 3) there's a program that gives you quick access to turn things like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Data on and off quickly, as well as adjust settings, 4) there's an app that lets you access your iOS device via SSH and you ought to change the default passwords if you turn on SSH.

Let me be clear: I'm asking for specific examples of applications and uses that people find with jailbreaking which aren't available otherwise. I'm less interested in philosophical reasons involving the words such as "freedom" and "open" although I understand those are compelling reasons for some people.

So, dear readers, tell me: what jailbreak apps you think are "must haves" that might convince someone to become a jailbreaker?

Image via FHKE on Flickr.

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