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Kinect-enabled XBL Indie Games still up in the air


Would-be Kinect Indie Game developers out there should prepare for some bad news. Speaking to Digital Spy, a Microsoft spokesman stated that currently "only developers with established contracts with Microsoft" are allowed to develop projects for Kinect. Only those developers that Microsoft has "partnered with for the launch" will release Kinect games at first.

That's not to say that budding XNA developers will never get their hands on the Kinect. The spokesman acknowledged that Microsoft would "consider" the possibility for the future, though he added that "no plans can be confirmed at this time."

Here's hoping Indie devs get Kinect support sooner rather than later. The creative possibilities are definitely there and, besides, where else would we get Kinect-enabled fart simulators now that support for Fable 3 has been delayed?

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