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Lenovo's M70e and A70 desktops are coming soon to a cubicle near you

Tim Stevens

It's rare that a company spends any time talking about the visual design of a desktop intended to be sold en masse to big corporations before being unceremoniously stuffed onto or under desks. Odd, then, that Lenovo is highlighting the aesthetics of two new ThinkCentre PCs for enterprises, pointing out such things as silver rings around power buttons and crimson eject buttons. Right. Moving on to the hardware, there are two models here, the M70e pictured above and the rather more slim A70, shown after the break. Each come with your choice of Intel processors, up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM, gigabit Ethernet, DVD burners, and storage capacities of 500GB on the A70 and 1TB on the M70e. That latter machine starts at $559, going up from there, while the A70 starts at a rather more affordable $379. That, it seems, is the machine for your new posse of go-getter interns, while you can save the M70e for the clock-watching middle-management types.

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