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China Unicom getting WiFi-enabled iPhone 3GS next week, iPhone 4 on September 1?

Chris Ziegler

Remember that WAPI-compliant version of the iPhone approved back in May? Yeah, well, China Unicom is just now getting around to rolling it out, promising it'll be available next week in the form of an 8GB 3GS for an incredible 4,999 yuan (about $739). As far as we can tell, the phone will be compatible both with straight WiFi and WAPI wireless networks, which is a big step for the country -- traditionally, the Chinese iPhone has been WiFi-free while the iPod touch has gone unfettered, the result of bureaucracy, product categorization, and strange laws that don't fly in many other locales. On a related note, rumor has it that the iPhone 4 -- presumably also with WiFi / WAPI -- is on track for a September 1 release, so if the 3GS is feeling a little too 2009 for you, you may not have long to wait.

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