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Nokia 5250 set to replace the 5230, turn the ugly dial down from 10 to 6?

Chris Ziegler

It wasn't that long ago that T-Mobile USA launched Nokia's venerable 5230 as the Nuron, but you've got to admit -- with a mug only a mother could love, Nokia owed it to itself to get cracking on a prettier replacement. On that note, we've got a shot of an alleged model 5250 today, sporting the same button configuration as the 5230; considering the gargantuan bezel, we're figuring on a smallish screen, which points to the low end of the touchscreen spectrum -- right where a proper 5230 successor would belong. Thing is, we'd figured Nokia was moving away from the four-digit naming convention for its smartphones altogether -- in other words, we'd expect this new device fit somewhere between the C5 and C6 -- so it's unclear whether this is real and represents a current, non-canceled model in the product pipeline. It's not going to turn any heads, of course -- but if Nokia were able to push this for something crazy like $120 off contract, it'd be hard to ignore.

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