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Four ArenaNet team members joining Undead Labs

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

In all the excitement over the Guild Wars 2 MMO manifesto, a quiet announcement on the Guild Wars wiki was very nearly lost in the shuffle, but it gained the attention of some sharp-eyed fans.

ArenaNet founder Mike O'Brien put a post on his wiki talk page entitled "Departures," and bid farewell to four members of the ArenaNet team. Design Director James Phinney is leaving ArenaNet to join his former colleague Jeff Strain over at Undead Labs, and he's not going alone.

Joining him are designer Richard Foge, as well as artists Scott Albaugh and Doug Williams. It's been very quiet on the Undead Labs front for a while now, so this may signal the beginning of some progress on the zombie front.

As for ArenaNet? "Of course we're disappointed to see them go, but I also know these guys are each individually huge zombie fans and are going to work on a zombie game, so I'm excited for their opportunity and wish them all the best," says Mike.

We at Massively join him in wishing the group the best of luck in their new venture.

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