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Ken Levine explains why BioShock Infinite isn't photorealistic

Justin McElroy

There's a lot to process in the debut trailer and screens for BioShock Infinite, not the least of which is the look of the characters, which have a slightly exaggerated look to them. In a discussion with Gamers With Jobs on their 200th podcast, Irrational Games boss Ken Levine explained.

"A movie uses photorealism quite often because it's free. We don't get a cost benefit for being photorealistic, it's the same reason Pixar's not photorealistic, you just end up creepy," he said. "There's no need to be photorealistic and I think it's kind of a cop out. I'd much rather play a game that's stylized."

Or maybe by 2012, we'll all look like Pixar characters and that will be the new photorealism. See, it's hard to say, because that's so long from now.

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