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World of Tanks showcases Tank Destroyer trailer

Jef Reahard

Ready to become death, the destroyer of worlds (or at least, other tanks)? has a new World of Tanks gameplay trailer that's likely to get you hot and bothered, as it showcases the devastating power of the tank destroyer class. The destroyer class has a huge part to play in just about every World of Tanks battle, as its long range and considerable stopping power can turn the tide of a fight in a hurry. The destroyer isn't without a downside, however, and like most ranged DPS classes, players will want to keep enemies at a distance.

"Operating a Ferdinand or SU-152 is like safari hunting. Everything is under control as long as your targets stay at long range and nothing will stop you from picking off a tiger or panther," says producer Nick Katselapov.

Check out the Tank Destroyers trailer after the cut or on YouTube.

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