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DDR coming to PS3 this fall with YouTube and Move support

Do those feet of yours remember how to dance? Or, rather, how to flail about in four directions in accordance with a brightly colored song chart? We hope so, as you'll soon be charged with arrow-stepping once again when DanceDanceRevolution arrives on PS3 later this fall. Yes, it's just called DanceDanceRevolution. Apparently, no extemporaneous "Mixes" or "Maxes" or "SuperNOVAs," or even spaces, were required this time around.

This version of DDR -- the series' first outing on the PS3, no less -- includes some form of Move support, meaning dancers will have to move their arms in rhythm while simultaneously moving their legs, similar to the Wiimote controls of DDR Hottest Party. Also, using the PlayStation Eye, players can record their best routines and throw it on Facebook and YouTube using the console's Video Editor and Uploader. These videos are going to be absolutely thrilling, and we, for one, cannot wait to see your totally sweet moves.

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