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Harvest Moon 64 probably not coming out on Virtual Console

In our experience, there are two types of people in this world: Folks who think Harvest Moon 64 is the best game in the series, and total weirdos. The first group will likely be dismayed to read NerdMentality's recent interview with Natsume exec Graham Markay, who, when asked whether the title would ever make it onto the Virtual Console storefront, responded, "It will not. It will not. And it's not from lack of trying."

Markay explained that the code of the original title is "not an easy transfer," later adding "I shouldn't say it's never going to come out, but there's just a really, really, very small chance that it would ever come out." Great, Markay. Just leave that door open. Just keep us hanging onto that one sliver of hope as we attempt to get our fix by pulling 48-hour FarmVille binges. You're killing us, dude.

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