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Live from Sony's Gamescom keynote


The Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Gamescom keynote is about to get underway in Cologne – last year it brought us the PlayStation 3 Slim, so who knows what this year has in store. We should be getting underway soon ... just so long as the WiFi holds up. What we're hoping for: Some more HD remasters ... like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. There was a rumor about BBC4 being available on demand on PS3, perhaps we'll get a confirmation of that. So head on after the break and join us.

2:25PM And, that concludes the briefing, everyone. "Please enjoy the rest of the show," they tell us. We'll try! Keep your eyes on Joystiq for all these trailers and additional details on the new games, going up now.

2:23PM More edits, more Chimera, and a single bullet drops (how poetic!) – BOOM! Resistance 3. (Told you!)

2:23PM But that's not all! Insomniac Burbank is also working on something, and here's a sneak peek. (Hint: it's Resistance 3). There's a train in the desert, a guy from a Levi's jeans commercial jumps in the back of a cargo train. A bunch of "survivor"-looking folks inside. Outside: scorched fields, Chimera. More images of survivors and apocalyptic imagery. The train enters a dark tunnel, stops. A man lights his lights, everyone is panicked. They get their guns ready. Chimera attack the train, lots of gunfire, quick edits.

2:21PM Now they're in an arena, a big bot drops in, the view is pulled back with the enemy in the center. They're just blasting it with some kind of vaccum weapon where they need to suck ammo and shoot it at the bot. Finally, the bot blows up with a moneyball amount of bolts inside and then ... a bigger boss shows up. And, scene. Demo done.

2:18PM All four characters are moving through the world like you'd expect in a Ratchet game, but there's boxes, enemies and all other stuff popping out and dropping bolts. Now they're showing the team having to run up to a four-barrel cannon, hit triangle and then they all get shoved to the next platform. Slingshot shows up with a new twist: everyone has to grapple onto each other. Definitely not for the uncoordinated or that spouse that always pounces on you in Super Mario Bros. Wii.

2:17PM The other playable characters are Captain Quark and Dr. Nefarious. And Ratchet and Clank, of course. That adds up to four. We checked.

2:16PM Guys, it's Gauntlet ... but w/ Ratchet and Clank characters. How about "Ratchet & Clank: Through the Gauntlet"? Too direct? Alright, we'll stick with "All 4 One" even though it sounds like a boy band song.

2:14PM And ... it's a new Ratchet & Clank. The @insomniacgames Twitter feed just blasted out: "We are ecstatic to announce Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One - 4-player online and same screen drop in drop out co-op coming to PS3 in Fall 2011"

2:14PM "We came to the realization that our process needed to evolve." Moving to three-year-long dev cycles allows for more fine-tuning and polish. "The first of our games to benefit from this approach is here today." Chad Dezem, Studio Director at Insomniac North Carolina takes the stage.

2:13PM Insomniac founder Ted Price is on stage. "Insomniac and Sony have been collaborating on games for 12 years," he says obviously alluding to the developer's recent EA Partners multiplatform announcement. "The reason several of us from Insomniac are here today is to announce our new game." This was the first E3 they didn't show anything in nine years!

2:11PM The game is set during an apocalypse (clever name, eh?), the environment is breaking apart. A gas station just blew up. This is like Split/Second, only with a decidedly less attractive brown color pallet. This thing must look amazing in 3D – there's plenty of stuff flying at the screen. "Du wurdest 1st" - he got first place! Now you've just got to wait until Spring 2011.

2:08PM Oh, wait – we're supposed to put them back on now for a MotorStorm Apocalypse demo. We've got Matt Southern, Game Director and Paul Rustchynsky, Senior Designer from Evolution Studios. "Judging distance becomes so much more intuitive in 3D," Southern says.

2:06PM And that's the end of the 3D demo – I'm really glad I didn't hand over my ID to get the 3D glasses they handed out. All these poor schmucks have to wait to get their IDs back ... passports, driver's licenses. Sony, you're trying too hard!

2:05PM It's time for a Killzone 3 demo – shooting, flight suit. Nothing we haven't seen before. House is back out talking about 3D support in several key games, like Killzone 3, MotorStorm Apolcalypse, and MotorStorm: Pacific Rift!

2:04PM And what's that? MAG will be Move compatible as well? We guess all that learning Zipper did on SOCOM is going to benefit MAG fans as well.

2:02PM And now we're talking Move. The Move will be 39.99 Euros, the wand will be 29.99 Euros, and the starter pack will be 59.99 Euros. And, in keeping with the great Sony tradition, we're onto a clip reel of Move titles. Virtua Tennis 4 will be out next year and support 3D and Move.

1:56PM "It was amazing. It was a tie game though," Shinoda said.

1:56PM He's flying a helicopter, flanked by another helicopter. Military chatter is going on, they just blew up a bridge somwhere in Afghanistan that was being crossed by terrorists ... at least I really hope those are terrorists. And now he's attacking a village, shooting rockets. They are blowing the hell out of this village! Rockets blasts, more rocket blasts, terrorists falling to the ground as he blasts them with gunfire from the helicopter. RPG hits his helicopter after he completed the objective. Yeah, we've just watched someone from Linkin Park virtually wreck shop in front of a live audience ... what a weird job.

1:53PM Medal of Honor Frontline, which is exclusive to the PS3 release of Medal of Honor, will be arriving in Europe on October 15. Now Mike Shinoda – the Linkin Park dude – has taken the stage to talk Medal of Honor and a clip of their song for the game is playing. He's stepping up to the stage and playing a stage called "Gunfighter" on the big screen.

1:52PM Alright, WiFi's back and we're onto the good stuff! PS2 global sales are at 146m with a forecast of 6m for this year. But who cares about PS2 when there's GT5 news? Gran Turismo 5 is coming out ... no seriously. November 3rd, 2010 for Europe. That's just one day after the North American date confirmed at E3. That's all we know, and we imagine they're REALLY confident if they're confirming two dates on the eternally delayed title.

1:48PM VG247 reports that Mubi will is a streaming film service that will "be on the crossbar." It's a "select library of film where quality is key, a forum for film fans, with community features and a social network." This will include indie films and foreign films – they show Pan's Labyrinth and Let the Right One In. Mubi will be "available in 18 countries" in "free, sponsored, and pay-per-view" varieties.

1:42PM 1UP says, "Now he's talking about Play TV and Mubi, a movie download film service (with a logo that looks a lot like Hulu). These are just for Europe."

1:40PM And, I think our WiFi is out again at the show. The PlayStation Blog just reported that "there's a 320 GB PS3 available at 349 Euro and a 160 GB for 299." But that's not all! "We're also getting a new version of PlayTV called PlayTV Live Chat" which "adds community features to the service, such as chat and programme recommendations." Of course, like the old PlayTV, this one will surely be exclusive to Europe.

1:39PM SCEE boss Andrew House comes out and apologizes for the lateness. There are Picture of Kaz Hirai holding up a PS3 Slim from last year's Gamescom press conference. "PlayStation has been strong," Card says. "Momentum is in our favor."

1:35PM And we're online, for now. Live updates incoming.

1:33PM From 1UP: "OK, it started with a montage (of course!). It showed patapon 3. Andrew House is on stage now - he said he wished Kevin Butler could be here."

1:32PM Alright, things are getting underway while our man-on-the-scene in Germany is having WiFi issues. Super job all around, Sony – very impressive! We're going to be following along at home with some of the other liveblogs out there. We'll drop links where appropriate as a form of rudimentary blog payment.

1:08PM Overheard at Joystiq HQ: "They must have planned to start with a Gran Turismo 5 announcement."

1:00PM Okay, some of you got it right. It was 42. Of course it was 42. We're still waiting, so sit tight. In the meantime, you PS3 fans can console yourself with thoughts of Mass Effect 2 on PS3 ... but that will only lead you down a dark path. Where's Mass Effect 1 on PS3, hrm? Let's make it happen, EA!

12:28PM Actually, it turns out things aren't going to get started until 1pm – Sony just invited us all early to watch everyone scramble from EA across town. As long as we're all waiting here, let's play a game: guess how many mandatory firmware updates will be released between now and the time the keynote starts. Hint: It's more than 13 but less than 100. Go!

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