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New MAG beta downloadable for existing players August 24


Move support isn't the only sweeping change (and change in sweeping arm movements) coming to the world of MAG. Several new gameplay additions are on the way, and Zipper is recruiting current players to make sure those changes don't ruin the game forever.

The beta, downloadable from the PlayStation Store starting August 24, includes the "Clan Deploy" feature, allowing leaders to choose gametypes and clan members; a new skill tree (with new skills!); a system that allows players to earn and spend "Credit Points," and even, yes, multiple character slots. Players will also get early access to the upcoming "Escalation" gametype, which will be released for real in future DLC. That mode has 96 players, representing all three factions, facing off in the same maps. Smells like the kind of thing you'd want to beta-test before releasing.

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