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Canadian 'Xbox News' dashboard app is devoid of Xbox news [update: It's a Halo ARG]


Update: It turns out the app is actually part of a Halo: Reach ARG in Canada. See our story here for more details.
Canadian Xbox users now have a new service on the Dashboard, "Xbox News." Surprisingly, instead of gaming news, the video program offers up "entertainment, human interest, tech, gadget, auto and unique" news stories from Microsoft's MSN. The first episode certainly doesn't offer up hard-hitting news, instead dishing out stories about human dominoes and a paintball facility invaded by bears.

... on second thought, that is hard-hitting news. You can never be too careful with bears. New episodes will be posted to the Canadian Xbox dashboard each evening but, just because it's you, you can watch the first episode after the break.

[Thanks, Steve]

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