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Realtime Worlds courting multiple buyers, staff reduced by 75%


As Realtime Worlds enters administration (read: dire straits), the ailing APB developer is reaching out to potential buyers "in both the UK and US," according to statements made by the company's administration consultant Begbies Traynor Group. "We are actively pursuing all these expressions of interest," Begbies Traynor joint administrator Paul Dounis told Edge.

He also put a finer point on the staff count at the Dundee, Scotland and Boulder, Colorado offices, pinning the remaining employee number at just 67 in total out of an original 252 -- an approximately 75 percent reduction in staff. The studio apparently owes around £3 million ($4.6 million) to debtors in the UK. Dounis also pointed out that "The game [APB] will continue and that is something we want all customers to be aware of." Meanwhile, no one has mentioned what happened to that poor "Human Avatar" fella. He could be anywhere.

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