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European developers rally to help ex-Realtime Worlds employees

It's when things seem at their darkest when the true light and goodness of humanity can really shine through ... or something like that. Following APB developer Realtime Worlds' decision to go into administration -- and the 75 percent staff cut the studio was forced to undergo -- fellow game developers Codemasters, The Creative Assembly, Blitz Games Studios, Activision and Sony Europe have announced recruitment events in the coming weeks to help the displaced staff get back on its feet.

There should be plenty of openings to go around for the 185 unemployed artists, writers and programmers -- Codemasters alone is reportedly looking for 150 new hires to fill its UK studios and The Creative Assembly is staffing up to work on an "unannounced AAA title" for Sega. Not to be outdone, Activision's also making a huge hiring push -- though these unfortunate souls will be relegated to the dance cages located in the foyer of Bobby Kotick's Miami-based "party palace." (Fine, we made that last part up. Please don't sue us.)

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