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Tapulous integrated into Disney Mobile, releases Katy Perry Revenge


Disney buying Tapulous was one of the most high-profile App Store acquisitions so far, and here are the first fruits of that partnership. First up, Disney reports that Tapulous has been integrated into the rest of the company -- the studio is now fully part of the "Disney Mobile" division, so all future releases will come from the Disney Mobile name rather than the Tapulous brand. That contradicts with the actual App Store listing at the moment -- there's no mention of Disney in any of Tapulous' app listings. But that information can take a while to change, so we'll have to see if Disney updates those listings.

Second, the studio's first game under the Disney banner is out now -- Katy Perry Revenge is a Tap Tap Revenge-style title built specifically for Katy Perry songs. There are ten songs from the pop singer in the app, from "I Kissed a Girl" to "Teenage Dream," and there's lots of other fan-specific material, as well as a Facebook connection to share scores and updates. It's available for US $4.99, the same price as Tapulous' other artist-targeted Revenge titles.

So it sounds like things are both different and the same for Tapulous -- they've been brought into the company as a whole, but they're either cleaning out the queue of old projects (this new game easily seems as if it could have been done without Disney's help), or continuing to work on the same type of app as before. We'll have to see what Tapulous releases in the future now that they're brought into the Disney Mobile division.

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