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Choose My Adventure: Robinemia won't shut up


Choose the adventures of the staff as we level our characters in <It came from the Blog> on Zangarmarsh (US-PvE-H).

Above is photographic evidence that Ezra's character and quest are still in Cataclysm. We have stories after the break, but first, here's the schedule.


  • Robin Torres as Robinka, the level 1 dwarf shamanka: Wednesday, 11 p.m. EDT Note: This will be streamed.
  • Amy Schley as Patent, the level 25 troll rogue: Thursday, 10 p.m. EDT
Adventurers who play when they can
  • Fox Van Allen as Foxlight, the level 25 blood elf paladin
  • Lisa Poisso as Prupher, the level 11 tauren druid
  • Michael Sacco as Shockbroker, the goblin shaman
  • Christian Belt, as Selfloathius, the level 16 blood elf warlock
  • Elizabeth Harper as Faience, the level 24 troll shaman
  • Matthew Rossi as Andrenorton, the level 17 troll mage
  • Michael Gray as Grayfields, the level 17 tauren hunter
  • Gregg Reece as Sandwichdoc, the level 16 troll shaman
Spoiler warning: Some of the stories that follow have Cataclysm spoilers. You have been warned.


Lisa Poisso as Prupher, the tauren druid

With wrist problems after a long day of clicking and scrolling turning my mouse hand into a -- well, into something more closely resembling a tauren hoof, Prupher hasn't spent a lot of time afield this week. Dutifully dropping all my Silvermoon quests and heading to The Barrens for the next round of questing, I found myself blessedly free from the siren call of Bloodthistle ... only to be ensnared by the gold farmer show in Orgrimmar. How is it that I've never managed to stay in town long enough to witness the full blossoming of orcs suspended in mid-air, magically transforming from a three-dimensional heart into a sales message and then into a gold farming website address? These leaping, sleeping salesmen have come a long way from the static corpses that used to litter the ground in front of the auction house (although I have to admit that as fascinating as the process was to observe, I can't say that it provoked any urge whatsoever to visit their site or buy their services).

After breaking free from the sights of Orgrimmar, I managed to make it to Thunder Bluff, only to be snared yet again by the notorious harpies quest. Wrath takes a lot of mana at level 10! I had to run back up the lift to get more milk. (Why can't I summon it? I'm a cow! Hmm ...) Finally, I trotted off through the dust toward the Crossroads. As I ran, I watched one guild member earnestly informing the rest of the guild that those staffers never really logged in except during special events ... I bleated a moo or two into guildchat, but my hoof wasn't typing very well by that point. So I clomped into town, filled up my quest log and went inside the have a nice, peaceful cup of tea with the innkeeper until this week. I've decided that even if my hoof isn't click-worthy this week, typing by itself isn't so bad -- so I'll come back and chat everyone's ears off. "Not on except during special events," indeed! /moo

Robin Torres as Robidin, the tauren paladin

Times are tough here in Mulgore. Those vile boarbeasts are defiling our lands and killing our people. My first duty as a paladin brave was to get vengeance for and give a proper burial to a Greatmother. These are not happy days. However, I feel that the addition of Sunwalkers and priests among our own will help us clear out our homelands and make us strong again.

Robin Torres as Robinemia, the undead huntress

I have no sympathy for you, Cowadin! Try dying and coming back to "life" with all of your friends and family wanting you dead ... again. At least you have the option to go back home. But I am not bitter. I like my new home. I honor the Dark Lady and do her bidding loyally and willingly. Our allies are an interesting sort that provide lucrative adventures as well.

Let me tell you about the O-Team. A whole shipload of drunken orc pirates are stranded in Silverpine Forest. They had me do some simple tasks for them and then requested I save some of their people from some spiders. So I headed over, collecting diseased organs along the way (our apothecaries are an odd bunch). I found and freed the orc sea dogs and they followed me around, helping me eradicate the spiders. An ettin showed up to step on us, but these fierce fighters -- the O-Team -- were able to dispatch him easily.

We then entered the mine to search for the Matriarch ... else she would just create more arachnids to terrorize the area. We fought our way back only to find an empty lair -- or so we thought. I had neglected to look up. The enormous legs were the first parts we saw of her. I will admit it: I thought that I was fearless in my undead state, but the fact is that she did more than startle me. I felt real fear. Briefly. The O-Team made short work of her, as well. Unfortunately, once we had eliminated the threat, the O-Team left me. So I can't have the constant help of orc pirates anymore. I will miss them.

I am looking forward to completing more tasks in Silverpine. But, I must admit, I will be sorry to leave here. Being in such close proximity to Lady Sylvanas is a real privilege. And the atmosphere of the entire area is very ... Forsaken.

Embrace the shadows.

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