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Verizon pushing Droid update for Flash 10.1 compatibility

Chris Ziegler

You might recall that Verizon and Motorola's first go-around at pushing Android 2.2 to the original Droid didn't include compatibility with the Flash 10.1 install in the Market -- but don't worry, lovers of Flash-based web ads, because the fix is now upon us. We don't know exactly how long the rollout process is going to take, but you know how it goes with Android OTA updates: even if they try to stretch it over several weeks, there's usually an floating around within a few hours that you can grab if you want to accelerate the process just a bit. Here's the full statement from Verizon:
"Verizon Wireless has begun pushing an update today to the DROID by Motorola (introduced November 2009) that will allow customers to download Adobe Flash 10.1 via Android Market. Flash Player 10.1 provides access to millions of sites with rich content including animations, casual games, videos, rich internet applications, audio and much more."
Update: Did you just search for FRG22D and wind up here? Chances are you've got the thingy we describe immediately above.

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