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Rumor: Snoop Dogg tracks coming to Rock Band Sept. 7 [update]

Rock Band Aide, the premier fan site for Harmonix's soon-to-be-expanded rhythm game, reportedly uncovered a thrilling pop-up advertisement while watching MTV sister station Palladia -- one which revealed a September 7 release date for the eight-song Snoop Dogg track pack announced for Rock Band a year and a half ago. A year and a half! Why, that was long before the December release of Mr. Dogg's chart-topping "Malice N Wonderland." How the times have changed!

We certainly hope the advertisement turns out to be accurate, as we're starting to feel a little impatient for the playable raps of the Doggfather. Then again, when the tracks were first announced, Snoop Dogg was still legally banned from entering the UK, a decision which was only overturned this past March. We would have felt terrible if this Dogg embargo had somehow kept our overseas friends from getting their hands on the tracks.

Update: The latest Major Nelson schedule update has confirmed that the eight-song Snoop Dogg pack will indeed arrive on XBLA on September 7. We'll let you know the second we find out what songs will be included.

[Thanks, Dirtybeefz!]

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