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Mad modelers make 10-foot-tall 'Recycle Grade' Gundam model from disused parts trees

Tim Stevens

For model makers, parts trees are a necessary evil. They keep individual components from sliding around in the box and damaging each other, but often contain more plastic than the model itself. Plus, they offer plenty of sharp points just perfect for piercing blanched, sun-deprived skin. Those deadly and usually discarded bits were all that a team at Production Gandamuato needed to create this RC RX-78-2 Gundam, where the RC means "Recycle Grade." It stands three meters tall and took just over three months to complete, a process detailed in its entirety at the source link below. No, it isn't quite as ominous as the 1:1 scale statues threatening various bits of Japan, but it is rather more environmentally friendly.

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