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CoPilot GPS nav app adds ActiveTraffic

Mel Martin

ALK Technologies today is releasing a new version of the CoPilot Live app with a feature called ActiveTraffic. It uses real time traffic flow information that mates with dynamic routing technology to get you to your destination by selecting alternate routes, then accurately estimating your new arrival time.

The traffic information comes from INRIX, which is a leading provider of traffic data. I tried the new app, and it certainly showed some traffic snarls. But here in southern Arizona, things don't get too dicey even at rush hour, so there wasn't any need to select a new route. I could see very detailed information in Phoenix, where traffic can be downright hellish.

The ActiveTraffic feature is US$9.99 for a 12 month subscription. Current owners of CoPilot Live v8 US Traffic subscribers will get upgraded to TrafficLive for free.

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CoPilot Live USA is $4.99, but text to speech adds $2.99, plus the $9.99 yearly for the ActiveTraffic feature. CoPilot Live North America, which includes Canada and the U.S. has text to speech built in for a price of $19.99. Adding ActiveTraffic for that version is also $9.99 yearly.

CoPilot is a pretty good navigation app. It suffers from a few two many button pushes to get to a destination, and the maps could be prettier, but both apps are reasonably priced, and the ActiveTraffic system seems to work, at least in my limited tests. The apps require OS 3.0 or above, and they run on the iPhone and iPad.

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