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More than a dozen Call of Duty: Black Ops killstreak bonuses revealed

It's not too early to start putting together your strategy for Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer, you know. Like, for instance, let's say you're one of those lucky few who can manage to string a series of kills together without being interrupted by ... um, death. You should probably decide on which killstreak bonuses you'll use in battle -- a decision made easier by the list of bonuses acquired by XG247 during last night's Black Ops multiplayer preview event.

Keep in mind that the reported rewards and their killstreak requirements are from an in-progress build of the game and could be subject to change. Still, there's plenty to be excited about in this taste of what can be unlocked in Black Ops. We've posted the full list after the jump to avoid spoiling the fun for those who'd prefer to stay in the dark.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Killstreak Bonuses

  • 3 Kills – Spy Plane
  • 3 Kills – RC-XD (RC bomb)
  • 4 Kills – Counter Spy Plane
  • 4 Kills – SAM Turret
  • 5 Kills – Care Package
  • 5 Kills – Napalm Strike
  • 6 Kills – Sentry Gun
  • 6 Kills – Mortar Team
  • 7 Kills – Attack Helicopter
  • 7 Kills – Valkyrie Rockets
  • 8 Kills – Blackbird
  • 8 Kills – "Rolling Thunder"
  • 9 Kills – Chopper Gunner
  • 11 Kills – Attack Dogs
  • 11 Kills – Gunship

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