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iPod touch makes up 38% of iDevices shipped


Blogger asymco did a little calculating from last week's announcement numbers, and has hammered out a rough estimate of just how many of each iDevice are floating around the world today. According to Steve at last week's event, there are 120 million iDevices total in the world, and we already knew from SEC filings that 59.6 million of those were iPhones. The current number of iPads in the hands of customers around world is 3.2 million, which (with estimates for the past month on both of those devices added in), means that there are likely 45.2 million iPod touches around. That's 37.7% of iOS devices at large -- not as big as it used to be, as the iPad's arrival shook things up a bit, but still a very significant total.

It's somewhat surprising to me that the touch is so popular, given that the iPhone and the iPad have gotten most of the press for iOS. But then again, it makes sense -- the iPod touch, as Jobs himself joked during the event, is like an iPhone "without the contract," and it's the cheapest of all the devices. While it's lacking a bit of functionality, iOS, the main selling point, is still there and running, so all of the super popular apps like Angry Birds and Doodle Jump are able to be bought and played. It makes a lot of sense that the iPod touch would be so popular -- maybe what's surprising is that Apple has waited until now to update it with the iPhone 4's big features as well.

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