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Under Siege gets PlayStation Move support, Platinum Trophy


Retail titles aren't the only games taking advantage of PlayStation Move. One of the first third-party games to utilize the controller is PSN-exclusive RTS Under Siege.

We've already shown you the game's level editor, but now you can see how Under Siege takes advantage of the PS3 motion controller as a virtual mouse to quickly scan the terrain and command troops.

In addition to Move support, Under Siege will also have support for four-player multiplayer and two-player split-screen, as well as XMB screenshots, video recording and custom music support. It's a rather premium set of features for a PSN game, which is probably why it will demand a premium price. Like WipEout HD and Trine before it, Under Siege will be sold as an online-only "retail" game, and will include a Platinum trophy.

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