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Turbine pimps Gandalf in a new LotRO commercial


G4 posted a new Lord of the Rings Online F2P commercial that's sure to leave a goofy grin on your face. In it, a crowd in a modern metropolis chants "Free Middle-earth!" outside of the LotRO offices. Inside, a cute hobbit receptionist holds down the fort until the elevator dings and the Big Guy comes out -- Gandalf, rocking a bit of the old (with his trademark hat and staff) and the new (in a swanky suit).

He steps out to the crowd and delivers the words they've been longing to hear: "YOU... SHALL NOT... PAY!" Cue one staff strike and the crowd goes wild.

Turbine's obviously showing a bit of its humorous side as it celebrates the new payment model. You can view the full video below and then head over to to download the client.

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