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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Blu-ray release date, box art & exclusive special features revealed


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Assuming you're not on Team Edward or Team Jacob, make sure to avoid your local video retail outlet on December 4, as Next Movie has revealed that is the day The Twilight Saga: Eclipse goes on sale in DVD and Blu-ray format. VideoETA listed the special features, including commentaries, deleted scenes, photo gallery a documentary and music video, plus one only on Blu-ray bonus in the form of a picture-in-picture commentary (no word yet on whether the embedded picture is only of Taylor Lautner's abs.) Judging by that, it appears the film's backers expect adoption has increased since the first movie's home release, it will be very interesting to see the DVD/Blu-ray split this time around. Until then, just remember: first Friday in December, don't get between your teenaged daughter and the Blu-ray player - it might not end well. Been living under a rock lately? Check the trailer embedded after the break to see what you have (probably not) been missing.

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