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PSA: Lord of the Rings Online now free to play

Following in the footsteps of its fantasy MMO predecessor Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited, developer Turbine Entertainment has flipped the free-to-play switch for its Tolkien-based RPG, Lord of the Rings Online. Potential players can download the client from the game's official site and get started at zero cost. Of course, a number of bonuses such as "quest packs" can be purchased piecemeal from the Turbine Store -- or, you can sign up for a paid VIP membership and have access to all of the game's premium offerings.

Turbine will be promoting the game's new business model during this Sunday's episode of Family Guy using the trailer posted after the jump. We warn you: It may seem clever at first, but the vision of hairy ladyfeet might stick with you for longer than you'd like.

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