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Aion: The 411 on 2.0 pets

MJ Guthrie

Now that Assault on Balaurea has rolled around, the most-asked questions in Aion's LFG chat revolve not around the new zones, the new solo instances, or even the new event quest (which hasn't been started yet, by the way) -- but around pets! At times, the spam gets on the nerves of Daeva who watch the same questions pour in over and over and over again as new players log in throughout the first days. To help answer these questions, NCsoft has updated its PowerWiki with a very informative article on the pet system to complement the pet FAQ.

With just a click, you get the who, where, and what of starting your adventure in Aion pet ownership. Taking the guesswork out of adopting your newest companion, this article is broken up into easy-to-access sections answering the major questions, complete with step-by-step instructions. Pets are categorized depending on function, and each pet has a labeled picture to show you exactly how it looks.

Even those who think they know enough about pets can find gems of important information within this article; one very significant item to note is that, contrary to popular belief, signal pets will not alert you if the attacker is in hide mode. Another hidden gem is that pets are now available as daily quest rewards. To answer more of those burning questions about Aion's newest furry -- and even the not-so-furry -- friends, visit the new PowerWiki article PowerWiki article.

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